Website Focuses on Simple Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Tips the Average Homeowner Can Do

When it comes to protecting your investment in your home, Barrus Heating and Air near Charleston SC knows that one of the best things that you can do is take better care of the heating and cooling system. This is probably one of the most costly expenditures you will ever make other than the house itself, and if you consider these heating & air conditioning repair Summerville SC tips, you can extend the life of your unit for many years to come.

Summerville HVACPerhaps the easiest thing that you can do when it comes to maintaining the HVAC system is to inspect all the air filters. Some units will have one big air filter in the main unit, other systems have several inside the house in the return vets to trap dirt from getting back into the system. At least once a month, inspect the filters to make sure air can still easily pass through. At least every three months all these filters need to be replaced. This will ensure air can move easily trough the system and that your HVAC unit is not working any harder than it needs to be to move treated air through the house.

The outside HVAC unit should be inspected monthly too. There should be nothing growing within two feet of the unit so air can get into the unit easily. If there is growing grass into the unit, trim it back and keep this areas free of anything that could clog the unit. Take a look inside the top to see if anything has gotten trapped inside that could be obstructing the fans from spinning freely. Power off the unit, open the top, then remove any trapped twigs, leaves, feathers, and other debris that may be impeding the flow of air.

Give the main HVAC inside your home a good visual inspection. Listen closely for any strange noises and tighten up loose bolts to the housing that may have come loose. Once a month, pour some bleach down the condensate drain lines to remove the buildup of any mold. A small amount will do the job and keep things running efficiently.

In addition to these heating & air conditioning repair tips, the best thing that you can do today is reach out to a local HVAC repair company and schedule an inspection of your system. These experts can make short work of finding little issues that could turn into emergencies down the road and make the small repair today at minimal cost to you.